Mixed Bean Salad

1 Tin of mixed Beans, rinsed

1 Tin of Chickpeas, rinsed

½ Cucumber, diced

1 Bundle of Spring Onions, chopped

2 cups of Cocktail Tomatoes, halved

2 ribs of Celery, sliced

½ Green Apple, diced

60gr. Feta cheese, diced

½ Punnet Green Beans, roughly chopped

Handful of toasted Nuts such as Cashews, Pecans, Almonds or Macadamias

½ Cup of mixed Seeds

½ Cup of dried Fruit such as Cranberries or Raisins

Fresh Basil & Mint to taste

Salad dressing to serve



Place all the salad ingredients into a large mixing bowl and gently stir to combine.

Just before serving, pour the dressing over the salad and add the fresh herbs.