Asian Roast Turkey


295ml Sweet Soy Sauce

1 Cup Orange Juice

¾ Cup of Dark Brown Sugar

2 large pieces of Ginger, sliced

5 Cloves of Garlic, peeled and crushed

4 Whole Star Anise


Place a roasting pan, large enough to hold the turkey, over medium-high heat. Add the soy sauce, orange juice, ginger, garlic, brown sugar and star anise and stir to combine.

Once it comes to the boil, remove from the heat and carefully place the turkey into the roasting pan and ladle generous amounts of the sauce over the turkey. You want the turkey to be thoroughly coated with the thick sauce.

Tightly cover the roasting pan and turkey with tinfoil and place the turkey breast side up into a pre-heated oven of 180ºC for about 90 minutes.

When done, remove the turkey from the oven and pour the pan juices into a sauce pot and reduce until it reaches a gravy consistency. While the sauce reduces allow the turkey to rest, still covered, for about 15 minutes. Keeping it covered will ensure that the turkey doesn’t dry out.

Once you are ready to serve, strain the sauce into a gravy boat to remove the solids. Serve the turkey with the sauce and roasted vegetables and salads of your choice.


Christmas with Chris
Christmas with Chris