Asian Rice Paper Wraps

Makes 8

8 Rice Paper Sheets

Water for soaking

1 Small Sushi Grade Salmon Fillet

8 Mange Tout

½ Small Cucumber, cut into 8 strips lengthways

1 Large Carrot, peeled & cut into 8 strips lengthways

¼ Red & ¼ White Cabbage, finely sliced or shaved

½ Punnet Bean Sprouts

Fresh Coriander

½ Avocado

Soy Sauce or Asian dipping sauce to serve


Start by slicing the salmon fillet into strips or pieces of your desired thickness.

Soak 1 sheet of rice paper in the water for a few seconds or until it softens slightly. Remove the rice paper from the water and place it on a cutting board. Place a piece of salmon onto the bottom part of the softened rice paper and top with some of the rest of the ingredients – ending with fresh coriander.

Start folding the rice paper flap closest to you over the vegetable filling and then gently bring over the sides. Your filling should now be completely encased. Gently start rolling the parcel away from you and place the roll seam side down on your serving platter. Cover with a damp cloth to prevent the rolls from drying out.

Repeat the filling and rolling technique until all the ingredients are finished.

Chef’s note:

You can use chicken, duck or tofu instead of the salmon.

Chopped nuts such as peanuts or cashews will add great texture and flavour to the rolls.